It's all about you
and your loved ones.

You want to share a remarkable experience. You hold pieces of what you envision, yet feel unsure how to thread those together. I listen to you and then creatively guide our next steps.

You are at the center of this collaborative process.

With your stories, beliefs and values as inspiration, I handcraft an approach to your particular celebration that truly reflects you or whom you wish to honor. There are four essential steps:

  1. We meet either in person, via Skype or by phone for a complimentary consultation to see how well we will work together.
  2. We determine what kind of service fits your needs and you complete a set of reflections to inform my custom ceremony composition.
  3. You review and edit your ceremony outline and script until it feels 'just right' and comfortably familiar throughout.
  4. During the ceremony, you share meaningful experiences beyond what you dreamt possible.

So many variables exist in the spectrum of life milestones I help my clients celebrate or acknowledge, that I do not list fees here. Pricing varies based upon the custom services you seek. Please contact me so we can discuss how my ceremony support or leadership services may fit your needs.

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This ceremony will forever be etched
in my mind and heart.

- Sharon after her crone ceremony

Kristine at a ceremony