Share your joy.
Tell your love story.

Every couple has tender, funny or colorful stories to tell about their union. With Sweetgrass, your love story is the heart of the ceremony. It is a vital source for the tapestry of words, music, movement and symbolism that we weave into your event.

Sweetgrass focuses upon your unique stories, beliefs and values

during ceremony design. Whether you plan for a destination wedding or a vow renewal retreat, you can relax. You have found the key to handcrafting an event that fully embodies you and your other half.

When you co-create your ceremony with Sweetgrass, it includes refreshingly relevant rituals, readings, music and vows. You call the tone: lighthearted, spiritual, solemn, funny, or whatever your imagination seeks. The ceremony may be secular without any religious references. If you seek an interfaith experience, we may select materials from a few faith traditions or spiritual practices with which you and your partner feel comfortable.

The event may be small and intimate or large-scale and complex, with many guests present. In any case, you will feel confident knowing every piece of your celebration feels familiar and authentically portrays who you are. Above all, you and your guests will share a delightfully one-of-a-kind experience!

If I know what love is,
it is because of you.

- Herman Hesse

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Premium Weddings

At the premium Sweetgrass Saguaro Blossom level of service, you commission a completely custom ceremony. When we work together, I focus on listening to you. You are the center of the process. Plus, I book one ceremony per day, so I can devote my creative energy entirely to your wedding. You will feel completely relaxed and comfortable with the creative process when I am your ceremony guide. You will receive an original and deeply meaningful wedding ceremony script with a custom love story, plus alternatives for processional, recessional or interlude music, up to two inspiring readings, up to three relevant rituals, unique vows and ring exchange wording and personalized blessing. Call me to find out what else is uniquely involved in a Sweetgrass Premium Wedding!

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Offbeat Weddings

Do you dig quirky or unusual colors or motifs for your wedding? Do you disdain the standard rote equation of the average wedding? Do you want to tell your love story in ways that embody who you REALLY are, not who tired norms say you should be?

Yes? Well then, I want to be there! I want to be the one who composes and leads your ceremony. I believe no two couples are alike and no two weddings ought to be alike. If you and your honey love Tucson's Loft Cinema, then I'm hip to your wedding being there. As my listing on Offbeat Bride says, I love working with creative couples who "altar their thinking" beyond the norms.

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Adventure Weddings

Do you lead an active lifestyle, wherein wilderness is your lifeblood? If so, then holding an adventure wedding with Sweetgrass may be the perfect way to celebrate your union. Whether you love to hike, bike, climb, ride horseback, bird watch, kayak or camp - any of these activities may be rolled into a ceremony full of adventures for you and your guests. In southern Arizona and western New Mexico, we have countless locations for holding adventurous ceremonies in scenic places. For example, you may enjoy hiking to a petroglyph site in Saguaro National Park for a ceremony officiated by Sweetgrass and group picnic afterward. Your imagination can truly fly!

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Gay & Lesbian Ceremonies

You have found your other half. Holding a ceremony - whether it is a wedding or commitment ceremony - just feels right. Perhaps you are experiencing the waves of new love. Or you have already lived together as life partners for many years. Sweetgrass listens and learns, so your ceremony generates a pure expression of who you are together. Your dreams for a meaningful ceremony - spiritual, traditional, irreverent or secular - will manifest with Sweetgrass.

Sweetgrass is listed here on Wingspan's information and referrals page. For each same-sex wedding I compose and lead, I donate 10% of my fee to Wingspan, Southern Arizona's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center.

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Yes, Tucson's winter weather is often in the balmy 70-degree range. And we have unbelievable sunsets, too. This setting offers utter perfection for an elopement ceremony, especially if you are flying south from the harsh cold in the northern climes! I can work with you long distance, to prepare your wedding ceremony in advance. Or we can work with a one or two-day turnaround if you want to keep it simple and decide to marry while you are on vacation in the stunning Sonoran Desert.

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Why Sweetgrass?

For such a momentous occasion as your wedding, do you want your ceremony to be the highlight of your day? Do you want to feel confident and relaxed in how the ceremony genuinely reflects your stories, beliefs and values? If so, your expectations will be exceeded with the calm and creative professionalism I provide. You and your guests will treasure the shared experience of a wedding by Sweetgrass for years to come. As a Life Cycle Celebrant® and Ordained Officiant based in Tucson, Arizona, I am highly trained in the art of composing and leading original ceremonies. I offer three levels of service to meet client needs ranging from simple to more complex. I specialize in serving clients that believe their ceremony is worthy of devoting considerable time, energy and talent to it.