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Celebrate Winter Solstice


Alright. Wow. Can you even believe that we have entered December already? If you are sensing time clicking by all too rapidly, would you like to slow down a bit?  Maybe enjoy something a little different this month? If so, consider crafting a simple Winter Solstice celebration. You have plenty of time to gather ideas.  Solstice falls upon Monday, December 21st this year.

It may be an enjoyable observance to hold alone, with friends, family or a big circle of folks. I help members of my community celebrate the turning of the seasons by co-creating equinox and solstice ceremonies. Winter – with it’s potential quietude, qualities of inner light and promise ahead – is one of my most savored turnings. I like how this excerpt from my We’Moon calendar inspires me for our celebration this year:

“Like the dark of the Moon each month, Winter Solstice represents not only the pitch black of night, but also a seed of something that will unfold in the coming year. . . light a single candle and celebrate that in this month of ultimate darkness, the light – as always – is born again.” ~ Vicki Noble

Candles hand-crafted for Winter Solstice

Candles hand-crafted for a Winter Solstice celebration.

The inner light we carry through those long winter nights is easily symbolized with candles. A couple of years ago for our community Winter Solstice celebration, we made these candles out of re-used jars, colorful tissue paper and glue mixed with water. So simple!

We had a blast and made a complete mess while crafting them. For the crisp evening ceremony, we dangled the candles from short tree branches (they are too hot to have hands directly holding them.) We each lit our candle, named our intentions for the light we held within, then walked our stone labyrinth by candle light with intentions in mind. What a beautiful sight for everyone to absorb. (To me it looked like big, glorious, colorful fireflies magically appeared in winter to try out our labyrinth!)

An article I read yesterday in Chicago’s hip new publication Mindful Metropolis triggered me to write this post. In it you’ll find creative ways to celebrate Winter Solstice that are fun and family friendly, too. Please share any ideas you have for observing solstice here. I always welcome your stories!

Cheers to how delicious it can feel to slow down and hold a simple observance!

With love and warmth,


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