I am a weaver.

I listen to your stories, beliefs and values. I reveal symbolic threads within your lives. Together, we find meaningful words, symbols, prose, and music to reflect you. I weave these into a custom ceremony experience that you and your guests cherish.

I am Kristine Bentz, an attuned ceremony specialist.

I inspire, uplift and connect people through ceremonies during times of love, transition or loss. I serve individuals, communities and organizations in Tucson, throughout southern Arizona and across the world.

I listen actively.

I believe in the healing powers of storytelling.

I lead ceremonies with a wholehearted and authentic presence.

Professionally certified by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute as a Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I compose and lead ceremonies that truly reflect who I serve. My highest goal is to be a vessel for your beliefs and co-create a ceremony that genuinely speaks your heart. (Plus, enjoy ourselves during the whole process!)

As an instructor for the Celebrant Foundation, I am also an active believer in ongoing education and refining my craft as a Celebrant. I am so grateful to serve and continually expand my expertise in this way. I continually see how we all carry our own personal mythologies. We all seek opportunities to connect these with meaningful experience.

Contact me so we may begin co-creating your handcrafted ceremony today!

Celebrant Foundation

Kristine Bentz, Tucson Wedding Officiant